Hair stylist
Anastasiya Varlamova
/ to differentiate a personal and beauty studio’s brands
/ to represent Anastasiya not only as a master but to show her readiness to work with celebrities, to give commentaries to mass media, take part in shows, be a member of juries
/ to show skills working on camera and demonstrate her own style
We built the concept of the site based on strong visual aids so we produced filming ourselves, making it the basics of the style.
We knew from the very beginning that we would be creative in full and would make our site unforgettable. We deal with the sphere of life where the grade of trend can be very high.
If the development of the site starts with creation of the visual side keeping in mind this very site, it helps gain a very effective result than using the photos from the series «two years ago we took photos before the New Year holiday, let’s use them again»?
The decision to make a bright and cheeky filming as the basics of the site has been taken. The aim was to create three forms of the content: image video, GIF and photo.
All the details were thought over and the studio which became in colour and interior was chosen. Besides, one of the Littie Big group clips has been made in this very studio. That’s what we need!
A special attention during filming was paid to the appearance of the main character.
The visual effects turned out to be very stylish and defined the trend of the whole future site
There is an unusual composition: the screen is divided into two parts. One of the blocks is static, the other moves with the user. We also used a trendy decision in printing and united two type faces for headlines at the same time.
CIF and video added dynamism and showed that Anastasiya is an energetic person. The visual effects from colours in clothes till type faces gave us a strong concept and an immediate inclusion in the list of the best designs according to the Tilda platform and in the review of 2023 design trends.
created by
Katya Becker
Head of design
Nikita Agarkov
Katerina Prolygina
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