How to go through unbearable
/ to create material for a social project enriched by animated sketches
/ to tell how to find joy in little things and take care of yourself in difficult times
/ to organize a big volume of information in a web-format
At first, there was an idea to cooperate with an artist-animator Masha Rumyantzeva, who wanted to use black-and-white animated sketches telling short stories about the ways of finding joy in little things in morally difficult periods of time.
We teamed up with a psychologist, Julia Bokachova, who wrote rules of behavior in a traumatic situation and how to help yourselves in this period of time.
The main task was how to pack the 8747 sign text in a favorable long read. Which structure will interest a person in trouble in reading it to the end and extracting the maximum use from it.
The animation added a bright color to the site and highlighted important points of the text.
The project has got #madeontilda and become popular with Russian readers in the spring and autumn of 2022, as a lot of people had shared the emotions described in the text.
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Text by
Yulia Bockacheva
Head of design
Maria Rumyantseva
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