/to develop a brand identity that will resonate with the artist’s style
/to create presentations for galleries and potential buyers about the artist and her work
/to implement branded merch and prints with references to the works of MADMUSEM
When we started working on Paulina’s project, we realized that we were dealing with a creator who puts each piece through her rebellious spirit.
She is looking for answers to questions about maturity, society and values. Her artistic arsenal is unusual and takes from the material world everything that can leave a trace: plasticine for modeling, plastic, damp earth and grass, car tires, chocolate, fire.
We had to create a unique character that would reflect the whole profound meaning of MADMUSEM: something very emotional, memorable and as relentless as the artist's work itself.
We created a complex and smooth gradient, and the spray-painted designs gave the project a vibrant and rebellious feel.
We combined two different fonts: the first with a nod to graffiti culture, and the second straight and rigid, which added a touch of brutality to the design. We managed to adopt this idea into the basis of the presentation for galleries, merch and prints. It turned out to be bold, bright and spectacular!
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creative direction
jane nadeina
Head of design
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