Your and others' emotins
/ to make long read about an emotional intellect
/ to place as many letters as possible to make the text interesting and understandable
/ to make it colorful with the help of children’s drawings
For the «Boiling Point» art magazine
In the project we wanted to draw attention to the fact that an emotional intellect is important for socializing with  oneself and with others, and it is necessary to be able to manage your emotions since childhood. The earlier, the better.
It seems that this project is addressed stylistically to children but it certainly is addressed to adults as well. There are also recommendations on how to speak about emotions with children and how to control these emotions by yourselves.

Here as it may seem we address an inner child in every person and speak with him/her on his/her own language.
The conceptual basis is represented by drawings of two schoolgirls having been made for the «Boiling Point» art magazine.
By the way, it was the first experience of teamwork for these children. Their task was to draw emotions as they see them and to show situations where these emotions can be expressed.
We took characters from one of the artists for the project’s signature style, cut them out and arranged them in the web-format. These are funny creatures with very lively mimicry. The drawings of the other artist have been used to illustrate concrete situations and examples.
The long text was adapted by dividing it into blocks, a list of references was added for those who are interested in further information, the latter to be well read both in the web-format and in iPhones.
Interaction was also added – emotions can be ‘moved’ and switched over when necessary. As a result, we have got a 27 thousand pixels long read in two language versions, a favorable response from our users, have been included in the Russian and English version of #madeontilda.
created by
Idea & text
Ksenia Nadeina
Head of design
Den Tikhonov
Sophia Bezhanova, Agnia Molotkova
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