Boiling point
/ to create a social project from the start
/ to show that such projects can be trendy and superb
/ to interpret complicated material for viewers not to be taken aback
It’s a special case. The Boiling Point is our own project, that is why we were free to choose any creative form.
In order to draw the user's attention, to establish long-term relations in such a complicated sphere it’s necessary to plunge a person in the context carefully and only then to inform on the main ideas. We had to make a safe environment for users without any pressure. Meanwhile, it must have been an attractive project worthy of studying further on.
The name connects two meanings. On the one hand, it means the state when the action starts, in our case it is the discussion of difficult themes. On the other hand, the word point means block of flats in many languages.
Animated and bright universe makes a contrast between form and contents. User’s attention is drawn by a colorful picture with lots of details which are worth examining and looking at. Consequently, there is a wish to surf further and further.
And after this we start speaking of the subject itself from the very beginning and give the user an opportunity to plunge easily into complicated content.
We created a visual universe by means of illustrations. Each window is a sketch reflecting the contents of the project. All the characters have no faces to highlight the situation itself and to give an opportunity to the user to be in the character’s shoes.
We chose a picture of a block of flats as a basis of our site to make an analogy with our society. Homes where our characters live. Each window is a separate story inspiring us to look at another angle at what we prefer living without notice in our everyday life.
All the stories hidden behind the windows are quite different and do not cross with one other. In order to create each project the editorial staff of the magazine collects both a separate team of authors for writing a text and creative specialists who visualize contents. In dependence of the theme the project may be realized with the help of video, photo, illustrations, motion design or any other modern digital tools.
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